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More than 85 global and country-specific networks are being investigated by us, including Impact,, Rakuten, CJ and Awin – this equals to more than 16,000 merchants.

By tracking all movements in the affiliate industry we are able to piece together the exact data you need to boost your revenue. Data refreshed on a minute-by-minute since 2008 to give you true transparency.

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Global Product Search
Billions of products: Compare your revenue per sale across all networks!

More products than Google Shopping!

Our Global Product Search is the holy grail for boosting your revenue. Don’t stick with just one affiliate network, if they don’t pay you the most! Currently indexing more than 35 affiliate networks and 1,400 shops to maximise your earnings for every single sale.

products for you
Spy King
Perform better: Get an overview of your competitors, growth and tactics

Beat your competitors easily

Get fresh updates on how you’re positioned in your niche! Doing recipes? Blogging about outdoor gear? We will track down your rivals and tell you what to do to get ahead. Understand on which keywords you can generate higher affiliate revenue; either paid or organic.
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